“Ostracized by his village for being different, Fisher is a lonely being who lives in a small cabin at the edge of the sea. His world is turned upside down one day when in a twist of fate, he is forced out of his comfort zone and thrust into a journey of self discovery.

Directed By Yoram Benz, Music by Marcus Fischer (mapmap.ch).

Fisher is the first self-commissioned animated short film project from One Eyed Robot and has received critical acclaim internationally.

Industry Reviews

“Beautifully rendered, an intricate yet stylized peek into the world of a lonely fisherman. Haunting, strange… a cross between David Lynch and The Incredible Mr. Limpet. I like it.” – Jerry Beck, Animation Historian, Author

“Unbelievable talent. Marvelous graphic design, animation, mood, background, characters, and story.” – Paul Dopff

“Nice combination of 2D with 3D. Great design of characters and backgrounds. The music and sound effects work well to give a good sense of atmosphere. ” – Jim Keeshen
“A marvel of underplayed technical proficiency. Nice Production Design, Strange haunting character design that reminds me of the comic strip work of Rick Grimes. Good animation coupled with a powerful sound design. Odd dream like pacing that kept my interest throughout. Dark and haunting vision delivered with skill. “
– Larry Loc
“This film drew me in totally!! At first, a bit slow-moving, then I got totally involved and feeling for the little peg-legged fisherman!! And the treatment of the sea in 3d contrasting with the 2D characters, really was beautifully done! Yoran has made a haunting film! ” – Bill Matthews
“Wonderfully weird, with very impressive animation skills. first pulll-back is fabulous, as is the animated ocean throughout. ” – Frank Mouris
“Really nice character design and – against the odds – the consistently slow pacing seems to really work for it and adds considerably to the atmosphere created by the visuals. ” – Malcolm Turner
“The minimal movement of the main character expresses a great deal of emotion and acting in this film. A story full of heart.” – Sharon Wu
Festivals and Awards

Winner Best Animation – Atlanta Shorstfest
Winner Best Character Design – AniMazSpot Festival 2012
Winner Best In Show Award -10th Annual Roll Yer Own Independent Animation Festival
Nominated for Best Animated Fantasy – Dragon*Con Film Festival 2012

Official Selection GIRAF 9 Animation Festival 2013
Official Selection 2013 MudasFest International Short Film Festival
Official Selection Citrus Cel Animation Film Festival
Official Selection Chesapeake Film Festival 2012
Official Selection North Sea Film Festival
Official Selection MIA Animation Festival
Official Selection Anibar 2012
Official Selection Dragon*Con Film Festival 2012
Official Selection Animation Block Party 2012
Official Selection VIII World Festival of Animated Film Varna 2012
Official Selection AniMazSpot Festival
Official Selection Scratch! International Animation Film Festival
Official Selection 2012 Kidsfilmfest
Official Selection Toronto Animation Arts Festival International 2012
Official Selection 2012 Blue Plum Animation Festival
Official Selection 2012 NW Animation Festival
Official Selection Atlanta Film Festival
Official Selection Charleston International Film Festival
Official Selection Savannah International AnimationFestival
Official Selection Indie Grits Film Festival
Official Selection Moondance Film Festival
Official Selection Rome International Film Festival
Official Selection SoDak Animation Festival
Official Selection New York International Film Festival
Official Selection Shortsfest Atlanta
Official Selection Atlanta Underground Film Festival
Official Selection Costa Rica International Film Festival



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