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2D or not 2D

Animation Magazine recently reported that Disney does not have any plans to develop any new 2D animated features in the future. This news came as a surprise as the appeal towards Disney’s recent Academy Award winning animated short, Paperman, was partly that, although 3D, it “looked” 2D.

Poor showings at the box office for their latest 2D endeavors is the known reason for dropping the medium on a theatrical scale, giving the impression that, in Disney’s mind, traditional animation has a foot out the door, for now.

The latest 2D animated feature films WE have seen recently were amazing, not necessarily because they were 2D, but because they had great stories! By merely focusing on the tool, It seems that Disney is blaming the lukewarm box office reception of their latest 2D films on the medium itself rather than a poor story, or a bad storytelling performance.

2D or 3D, big or small budget, it absolutely does not matter, if the story sucks, so will the film. I have had the chance to revisit a few of Disney’s more recent 2D films and couldn’t help to notice that the weakest link was the story, not they way the film looked.

Now back to Paperman, as mentioned earlier, its appeal does lie in that it’s a hybrid 3D/2D film that retains that Disney 2D quality but most of all, it is a WELL TOLD STORY!!

Like Persepolis or Chico and Rita, the story in these animated films are so well told that it doesn’t matter what visual approach they use to bring the story to the viewer, It actually becomes secondary. The stories are so compelling that you forget it is animated and are left stripped down with the core of the art form, visual story telling.