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One Eyed Robot is an Award-Winning international secret society which produces animation and motion graphics with the sole purpose of achieving world dominance by capturing the hearts and minds of audiences through the magic of moving pictures. Founded by Animation War veteran Yoram Benz in the year 2011 AD, One Eyed Robot’s well oiled machine has been operating successfully ever since.

Yoram was born and raised in Hawaii by an extinct breed of Japanese wolves before being kidnapped by local French resistance and shipped back to their motherland. There he joined a traveling circus before working in taverns as a knife thrower. A chance encounter with a blind painter opened his eyes to the world of moving pictures which developed into an obsession towards the mystical world of the Animations.

As the country formerly known as France sank in the ocean depths under the weight of its own policies, Yoram made a daring escape by ship to the new world. Landing in the new city of York, Yoram was recruited by various sideshows in need of moving picture expertise. After starting a homestead in the isles of Jersey, Yoram responded to the call of the West’s gold rush. There again, he performed various acts using his expertise in the mystical world of the Animations with great success. Even achieving center ring status headlining carnivals.

However, compelled by his need for adventure and new discoveries, Yoram trekked to the southern lands of the New World where he setup shop in the legendary city of Atlantis. There he founded an international secret society dedicated to the mystical world of the Animations, also know as One Eyed Robot.

With a team of robots and and humans alike scattered in speakeasies around the globe, One Eyed Robot’s talents are worldwide. When they are not fighting off packs of coyotes threatening their livestock they are busy producing awe-inspiring animation, motion graphics, live action and everything in between for broadcast, film and web with an emphasis on content development.

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