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One Eyed Robot juries the 2014 NW Animation Fest


I had the privilege this year of being part of the jury for the upcoming 2014 NW Animation Fest. NW Animation Fest is a variety show that celebrates the best new work from independent animators around the globe. In 2014, we look forward to bringing over 150 amazing short films to Oregon.

This year the festival expands to a full seven days in Portland, running from Monday to Sunday, May 12-18. The heart of the festival, our juried selection of international shorts, repeats one week later in Eugene during Memorial Day weekend, May 23-25.



New Fisher Screening in a ship’s cabin!


Well not technically speaking but pretty close! Apparently, Fisher recently screened at Shorts to Sea, shipped by The Smalls and Platterform, a specially curated evening taking the audience from a cosy Hackney cabin to the high seas of adventure. Love what they did with the venue!

Humans are capable of surviving in extreme environments from arid deserts to the thin air of frosted mountain peaks, but the ocean, despite covering 71% of the earth’s surface, is a life force of its own that we are unable to control or conquer. Predatory sea beasts, depths of the dark unknown, surging waves and changing tides, tales of the sea are born of myth, fantasy, fear and a spirit of adventure. The Smalls presents ‘Shorts to Sea’ a series of sea-inpired short films. Sea tales to be told include the search for lost loved ones beneath the sea from the director of Beast of the Southern Wild, a short doc on the adventures of an Icelandic sailor and a Greenlandic hunter and the journey of a lone fisherman who discovers a curious matter ball in the BAFTA-nominated Matter Fisher, plus many more!

Nautical-themed drinks will be served onboard with a number of specials tailored to add to your viewing experience. A fine selection of craft beers, wines, spirits and cocktails are available in the Captain’s Cabin. The captain himself may even make an appearance to play a round or two of BattleShots, a game of strategical drinking fun. Sea-themed bar snacks will also be available – more details on these coming very soon.





Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 DVD Release!


For one of our first projects of the year, we had the chance to team back up for Cartoon Network’s promo for the Blu Ray and DVD release of Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2!

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Our wee Happy Holidays card!

OER XmasCardREV3 (

Here’s our little Christmas card for the holidays!

Happy Holidays from One Eyed Robot! from One Eyed Robot on Vimeo.


Cartoon Network’s Transformers Constructbots spot


Our latest exciting new project is a spot we did with the awesome peeps at Cartoon Network for Transformers’ Constructbots!

Constructbots are the latest and greatest Transformers toys that are fully customizable with unlimited combinations of Decepticons and Autobots parts. Pretty cool toy! The toys were shot green screen and we composited everything in a virtual 3D construction zone environment. This was one of our funnest project of the year! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it!


Additionally the promo was part of a bigger Constructbots project with a pretty cool online game!

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An animated tale of epic drama, told in 2D and on a budget – Gartxot, a review.


While browsing foreign animated shorts on Vimeo, I came across the trailer of an animated feature film called Gartxot. I follow many animation blogs and sites and had never heard of it. I was very intrigued for numerous reasons. First being it’s an animated feature film produced in Spain, specifically the Basque region. But also, the film’s dialogue are both in Euskara (Basque language) and Latin, which is pretty unusual for a full length animated feature. I was further intrigued by the very unique character designs, which blurs the line between a traditional 2D approach and a more artistic rendering. I searched for a full length version of it online but came up empty handed. So I decided to reach out directly to Somuga, the animation studio that produced Gartxot. Sarai Crespo, Somuga’s CFO, explained the film was not yet available in the US, but given my interest kindly offered to send me a DVD copy of it.



I was not disappointed! Gartxot follows the folk legend of a medieval bard who sings in his native language and who’s very pursuit of tradition and national identity sends him on a doomed path against the christian oppression of the time, bent on eradicating any non-christian customs and traditions while trying to impose latin on the local folks. Here is the synopsis that can be found on the film’s website:

Set on the Pilgrims’ route to Santiago, Gartxot is the story of a minstrel from the Pyrenees banished from the monastery of Roncesvalles by the strict new abbot, while his son, Mikelot, is left behind. Forced into becoming a monk destined to sing in Latin instead of in his native Basque, the boy manages to escape and, meeting up with his father, makes him swear never to let them lock him up in the monastery again. Singing together once more, their songs become a symbol of their struggle against oppression, as time and time again, with the help of the people they meet on their travels, they manage to shake off their pursuers. In the end, however, surrounded by the abbot’s henchmen, Gartxot is reminded of his promise to his son, leading to a tragedy that will echo through the ages.

The Basque culture is a fascinating one in that their very language pre-dates the spread of latin based languages across Europe. Today, the Basque’s strong identity and traditions stood the test of time as proof the very production of a film such as Gartxot. Directors Juan Elordi and Asisko Urmeneta impress in delivering author Edorta Barruetabeña’s dramatic story with animation, something done more boldly in places like Europe, South America and Japan than in the US. The film took approximately 4 years to make with a team ranging from 5 artists at first but slowly growing to 20 during the film’s completion. The film’s budget was in the low 2 Millions € which is fairly modest for European standards and very low for US budgets of comparable films. I do not speak Euskarat but Gartxot has English subtitle options so I was able to follow the film quite easily.


Gartxot delivers a thought provoking story which stayed on my mind long after viewing it, something animation has rarely done recently. It still does not have a US distributor but if so would most likely find a US audience in animation enthusiasts and indie film lovers alike. Gartxot has been nominated in nine festivals and has won two prizes, furthermore, it has been screened in several festivals internationally in Chilemonos (Chile), Festival de Malaga (Spain), Festival de cinéma Douardenez (France), Baskisches Kino Fest (Germany), Taol Kurum Festival (France).

Gartxot is the type of film that further validates One Eyed Robot’s belief that animation is a medium of infinite scope with which to tell a story, any story, even one that one would not think would not think doable through animation, and more specifically on a budget! As we are working on our own animated feature production, little gems like Gartxot stand as encouragements along the way, as we move steadfast towards our goal to produce our first low budget animated feature film! For more information on the film I highly recommend checking out the website as well as the production company behind it,