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We know things have been quiet on the news front, but for good reason, we are busily working on putting all the pieces together to secure production of our film, your film, The Tale Of The Seas! We figured we should give you all a quick update on it, and that no news is good news! As an added incentive I have this little guy staring at me everyday on my desk, as if urging me to bring him to life!


Over The Garden Wall promos

OTGW still

If you haven’t had the chance to check out Over The Garden Wall, you definitely need to do it right now as it is one of our all time favorite Cartoon Network series! We had the opportunity of recreating a graphic extension of the OTGW world for these Cartoon Network / NERF promos!

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles promo


Cowabunga!! Check out our latest Cartoon Network promo for the release of the latest Heroes in a Half Shell movie!

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Trailer for The Tale Of The Seas is finally up!

kelp square

It was a long, well worth journey to this point with still a longer and exciting one ahead! The past couple of years have been spent developing the story, writing the script and the visual development of THE TALE OF THE SEAS, all leading to the production of our proof-of-concept, the trailer for our film!

THE TALE OF THE SEAS is a coming-of-age fantasy following a mysterious sea creature that washes up on the shores of an isolated fishing village. MERI, the childless wife of fisherman NEREUS, finds the creature and secretly nurses it back to health, but the knowledge of his existence becomes the talk to the town and creates uneasiness among villagers weary of change. The village’s destructive ways pushes their spirit world to a breaking point, and it’s up to two outcasts to steer them away from a path of self destruction.
The Tale Of The Seas is a One Eyed Robot passion project, and what we hope a new breed of low budget animated feature film, something between traditional animation and digital puppetry. It is a self funded, completely independent project that will materialize with the help of like minded individuals like yourself!
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VAM Creation Myth Wins Silver at Promax|BDA!


Got the great news that the piece we did for VAM Creative just won Silver last night at Promax! We were commissioned by the good people over at VAM Creative, a production company and creative agency in NYC to produce an animated short introducing their creation myth! We had a blast doing it and love our little characters, The Beat and The Rhythm, and apparently we are not the only ones who feel that about them! :)

Check out the spot below:

VAM Creation Myth from One Eyed Robot on Vimeo.

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Little-known fantastic gems of Soviet-era animation!





I have noticed small Soviet era animation gems popping up lately, that are in my opinion, both fascinating and visually amazing! It’s very interesting to see how Soviet Russia had crafted a unique visual style, isolated from the more commercially driven cartoons from its Western counterparts.

Even when tackling more known characters, such as Soyuzmultfilm’s take on Winnie The Pooh, the character design and environments have a simplicity and such an appeal, strong enough to rival with Disney’s counterpart! Even my kids (aged 8, 5 and 2) who don’t understand or speak any Russian, are just completely fascinated by it. Russian Pooh’s awesome visual appeal is undeniable!


Soyuzmultfilm, a Soviet era animation studio founded in 1936 and still in operation today, is also behind another fascinating classic titled Hedgehog in The Fog. Hedgehog in The Fog was released in 1975 and was even voted Best Animated Film of All Time in a survey of 140 film critics and animators from around the world, and that 28 years after it’s release, in 2003!

Another  studio worth mentioning is Armenfilm, which released some pretty trippy and visually amazing Russian-spoken animated tales during the Soviet times. Little info could be found on it besides the basic facts that the studio was originally from Yerevan, Armenia, and that it was part of the Soviet State Cinema Organization. Below are two of the most unique ones I have found!

I’m sure I am missing tons of other true gems of Russian animation that I will be delighted to find in the years to come. I have always had an appeal, both visually and conceptually, towards animation from Eastern Europe, and noticed that the feeling is mutual by the positive reception our animated film Fisher has had in so many film festivals their! The uninhibited risk-taking was evident in their work back then and you can still feel its influence in recent animated work coming out of Russia and the rest of Eastern Europe today!

fisherstill LAURELS