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“Ostracized by his village for being different, Fisher is a lonely being who lives in a small cabin at the edge of the sea. His world is turned upside down one day when in a twist of fate, he is forced out of his comfort zone and thrust into a journey of self discovery. Directed […]

The Shark And The Can

A lonely shark finds a can of shark fin soup and an unconventional use for it. Made in collaboration with PangeaSeed, The Shark And The Can was written and directed by Yoram Benz to raise awareness on shark fining and its devastating consequence on shark populations. One eyed Robot was given carte blanche in conceptualizing […]

Mr. Ladybug

Mr. Ladybug is a grumpy ladybug. He’s not happy being called LADYbug! Follow him on a journey through acceptance and self discovery! Mr. Ladybug was inspired by a pertinent question about ladybugs by the author’s daughter, but also from his experience growing up with an unusual name and learning to love it. The animated short […]

Believe In Madgic

One of One Eyed Robot’s first project, this short animated piece was made to raise awareness for the Believe In Madgic Foundation, a non profit created to raise medical funds for an uninsured friend, fellow freelancer and cancer survivor.

Decon Intro

Although a partly commissioned piece, the self-initiated Decon intro project feels at home in both commissioned and Original Content Development section as we had absolute carte blanche in producing and animating the piece. Music by Jason Goldwatch.