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Mr. Ladybug picture book

Mr. Ladybug is the first children’s picture book release from One Eyed Robot and is about a Ladybug’s journey through self acceptance and discovery. Get the Mr. Ladybug picture book here and check out the animation inspired by the book here.


Ghostbot print series

One Eyed Robot self commissioned prints designed as a poster series and a collage exploration. The series can be purchased individually or as a set here.

travel thumb


Here is cool little comp we did themed around travel! Originally commissioned by an agency, this particular composition became an exploration in collage and character design, see the gentleman traveler’s face?

cinco thumb

Cinco De Mayo

Guess what our favorite holiday is after Christmas, New Year’s, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day? Yep, Cinco De Mayo! And what better way to celebrate it that with this cool poster we designed for Decon’s Cinco De  Mayo Drink Off!

boom thumb

Boom Art Print

Poster/Art Print of  Boom, a little bomb character surrounded by a crowd of onlookers and textured with vintage comic book imagery. He’s about to blow up!!

madgic thumb

Believe In Madgic Poster

Print design for the Believe In Madgic Foundation inspired by the short animated piece we did for it. Check it out here.

FRV thumb

Fresh Rhymes And Videotape

Commissioned poster for Decon and its Fresh Rhymes And Videotape Tour, part of a bigger campaign involving the production of animated promos, animated video projection loops, bus wraps, as well as various print materials and T-shirt designs.

venti thumb

Ventilate Free The Robots

Commissioned print poster for about creativity and its connection to music inspiration in design. We decided the LA based DJ/Artist Free The Robots would be good fit as inspiration for this assignment!

fisher thumb

Fisher poster

The Fisher poster was designed as a marketing and promotional tool for our short film Fisher and has been a very popular One Eyed Robot poster.


Tesla Boy Thinking Of You Cover Art

Art cover designed for Tesla Boy’s single Thinking Of You and inspired by our music video for them.



Collage art work designed for a music compilation.


JonnyGo Figure Feat. 88-Keys – ReBound! Cover

Artwork cover for JonnyGo Figure’s single ReBound featuring 88-Keys.

2k square

2k Sports Mixtape cover

CD Mixtape cover with a vintage flair for 2k Sports, part of a bigger campaign including print materials and motion work, commissioned by Decon.

muralDCN SQ

Decon Mural

Composition we made for an office mural a while back. It ended up not seeing the light of day and was replaced by shelving and the company’s logo instead. Oh well! We love it and though it was worth a mention!