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The curious case of Mia and the Migoo’s reviews

We recently posted a shortlist of our favorite non-mainstream animated feature films. On that list were a few films we had yet to see, and one of them was Mia and the Migoo. We noted that reviews towards it in the US were fairly mixed. It fared 38% on amongst critics, which is a pretty poor score. Regardless, it still made our list because we thought it looked like a beautiful endeavor and the trailer seemed promising. I had my doubts as to why it fared poorly, mainly thinking it might be because it is a french animated film with a simple story, outside mainstream animation, which in itself could throw off preconceived notions of what to expect. I had the opportunity to finally view the film and decide for myself, and I wasn’t disappointed! It was a great little film and visually, was a breath of fresh air! One could only stand in awe watching it and knowing it was made out of 500,000 hand painted frames. It also has a great story with a positive moral and environmental undertones. I had no problem following the slower pacing of the film, contrary to what some critics pointed out.

One reviewer implied that any comparison with Miyazaki would be in itself unflattering to the director Jacques-Remy Girerd. Everyone has the right to its opinion, but I beg to differ! I would aspire to this type of comparison, especially if the end product happened to be Mia and the Migoo! It doesn’t come as a complete surprise that, the same reviewers who give amazing ratings to sub-par commercial film would underrate and misunderstand this little film. Mia and the Migoo definitely comes off as underrated and I just wished it had gotten a bit more exposure in the US. Perhaps I’m biased knowing the amount of time and effort involved in an animated film like this, but regardless, trust you instincts on films that speak to you. What touches you as an animated film might just fly over a reviewers head.