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The Peanuts Movie promos

We had a blast being involved on The Peanuts Movie promos for the good folks at Cartoon Network! Here are 3 variations we did the characters in the movie. As always, this was a real fun project for us to work on!! CARTOON NETWORK, the logo and all related elements are trademarks of Cartoon Network […]

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TBS Rebrand ID bumpers

Bam! We’re stoked to finally be able to share with you these animated bumpers we’ve been working in throughout the year! The amazing folks at TBS gave us Carte Blanche to have fun on these, and fun we had making them! TBS, the logo and all related elements are trademarks of TBS © 2015. All […]


Conan Pop! Comic-Con

2015 Comic-Con is set to be the biggest one yet! Why? Because Conan O’Brien will be broadcasting live from it this year! And we were lucky to be part of it! The awesome people at TBS commissioned use to bring to life the Funko Pop! vinyl versions of Conan in honor of the event. We […]


The Tale Of The Seas

Trailer for the full length animated feature film THE TALE OF THE SEAS, a coming-of-age fantasy following a mysterious sea creature that washes up on the shores of an isolated fishing village. MERI, the childless wife of fisherman NEREUS, finds the creature and secretly nurses it back to health, but the knowledge of his existence […]